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Exploring Our Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Qualitree, where we are dedicated to delivering top-notch tree surgery services and ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Kindly take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following information, as it constitutes the terms and conditions governing our contractual agreement.

Terms and Conditions for Qualitree's Tree Surgery Services

Acceptance of the Contract and Work Scheduling

Upon your acceptance of our quotation, we initiate the work planning process, which may involve securing permissions from local authorities (please refer to the “Do I Need Permission?” section below). An estimated completion date will be provided for your work. For your convenience, there is a 14-day cooling-off period after accepting the quotation. Should a cancellation occur after this period, short-notice cancellations may incur a charge, covering our costs.

Standard of Work

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. All work will be conducted in accordance with the BS3998 “Recommendations for Tree Work” where applicable, unless alternative arrangements are agreed upon with the customer.

Felling Trees and Stump Grinding

When felling trees, we aim to bring them down as close to ground level as feasible, accounting for ground conditions and any surrounding objects. Stump grinding can be arranged for an additional fee, typically scheduled a few days after felling. We will coordinate a suitable time for this task. Stump grindings are often used to backfill the resulting hole due to their rapid decomposition. The option to remove chippings from the site is available at extra cost.

Subsidence and Root Heave Advisory

Qualitree Ltd provides professional tree surgery services but does not assume responsibility for natural occurrences such as subsidence or root heave following tree removal. These events are influenced by environmental factors beyond our control.

No Liability: Qualitree Ltd is not liable for any subsidence or root heave post-service completion. These are natural risks associated with tree removal.

Client Responsibility: Clients should be aware of and manage the risks related to subsidence and root heave. It is recommended to seek advice from experts and ensure adequate insurance coverage.

Independent Protection: We advise clients to consult with insurance providers to secure coverage against potential damages from these natural processes.

Qualitree Ltd’s aim is to ensure clients are informed about the limitations of our responsibility regarding subsidence and root heave, emphasizing the importance of personal risk management in these scenarios.

Neighbor Consideration

In certain cases, access to neighboring properties might be necessary, especially when dealing with overhanging branches. It would be appreciated if you could inform your neighbors about the intended work and its scheduled date.


For cases requiring reduction, we may include a photo and diagram in the quotation. Measurements will be presented in meterage. Although these serve as guides, they facilitate collaboration between our customers and arborists to achieve the desired outcome. Our climbers aim to prune to the most suitable point, typically a smaller secondary branch. Different from reduction, thinning involves removing a percentage of tree material without reducing its overall size.

Treating Stumps

Conifers generally cease growth post-felling and will naturally decay. Some deciduous species may sprout new growth. While we prioritize chemical-free solutions, we can apply a single treatment using ECOPLUG MAX as per the manufacturer’s guidelines upon request. Additional treatments, if necessary, will incur extra charges.

Underground and Overhead Services

While we make every effort to locate underground services, Qualitree Ltd cannot be held liable for damages to pipes, wires, or cables during the course of work unless an accurate plan is provided by the landowner prior to contract formation.


Please note that all measurements mentioned in correspondence are approximations.

Tree Transplanting & Planting

Our tree planting adheres to the guidelines outlined in BS-8545:2014. However, factors like stress during importation, improper watering, or poor nursery stock may impact a tree’s survival after planting. Qualitree Ltd bears no responsibility for tree replacement or damages post-planting.


All work conducted by Qualitree Ltd is covered by a £5,000,000 Third Party and Public Liability Insurance to address any property damage resulting from the implementation of the Contract.


Qualitree Ltd is not accountable for non-performance due to adverse weather conditions, strikes, war, lack of skilled labor, or other beyond-control causes. We reserve the right to cancel the Contract partially or in full under such circumstances. Completion dates are subject to weather conditions. After three months from the quotation submission, we may revise the pricing unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Cancellation of Accepted Works by the Client

Client-initiated cancellations are subject to fees:

  • More than 4 weeks’ notice: No fee.
  • More than 7 days and less than 4 weeks’ notice: 70% of the accepted quotation.
  • Less than 7 days’ notice: 100% of the accepted quotation.

Fees for Cancellation Following TPO or Conservation Area Application Submission

In cases of canceled proposed works following a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or Conservation Area application submission, a flat fee of £150 will be charged for the time invested in completing the application.


We aim to provide exceptional service and products. If you encounter any issues, please follow our complaints procedure to ensure a prompt resolution. After the work’s completion, kindly inspect it to verify that it meets our high standards. If any concerns arise, contact us immediately for corrective measures.

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